23 x 152 mm B

23 x 152 mm B –the cartridge was introduced in the Soviet Union in 1941, for the VJa-23 air cannon, which was designed for combat with armoured targets. It was specially designed for the Il-2 Sturmovik bomber. Later, the cartridge was also used in a modified version for the ZU-23 anti-aircraft gun. The stamping on the bottoms of the cartridges tends to be more rough and harder to read. On the 12 o'clock is the factory number and on the 6 o'clock the year of manufacture.

"513" – The plant in Omsk. See cartridge 20 x 99 mm R ShVAK.

"606" – Kemerovo Mechanical Plant, Kemerovo, South-West Siberia, Russia. It was founded on the basis of small industrial workshops on 1 October 1929. The production of mining equipment was concentrated here. Gradually it developed into a large industrial-mining complex with many production branches. In November 1941, the equipment of the ammunition plant in Nogilsk (Moscow region) was evacuated here, and a plant for the production of 23 mm calibre bullets started to operate here. This part of the plant still produces ammunition today.