Europe Old and New

The cultural changes at the break of the Eneolithic and Bronze Age in Central and Eastern Europe

Dear colleagues!

It is our great pleasure to invite You to participate in the conference organized by the Silesian Museum in Opava (CZ), the County Museum in Botoșani (RO) and the Opava Cultural Organisation (CZ) .

The topic of the conference is, as the name suggests, the transition between the Eneolithic and the older Bronze Age in Central and Eastern Europe. Above all, the specifics of this period, the spread of new ways of life and cultural phenomena and their archaeological manifestations. Papers presenting the results of long-term projects as well as the results of field excavations are welcome. Both purely archaeological papers and interdisciplinary ones can be presented at the conference.

Papers from the Europe Old and New conference will be published as soon as all papers have been collected and all necessary editorial corrections have been made. We expect one year for preparation. All papers will be peer-reviewed.

Those interested in exhibiting a poster can arrange individually via the conference e-mail. The parameters of the poster will be provided to them.

All necessary information can be found in the call for papers here:

Further information and the application form below. 

Contact information

Conference venue

Ostrožná 236/46, 74601 Opava, Czech Republic

+420 774 127 775

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The deadline for applications is 31st March 2024.