Poltorak - Sigismund III Vasa

Dating: 1623 nebo 1624

Minted at the mint in Bydgoszcz, marked Mikołaj Daniłowicz, Supreme Chamberlain of the Crown in 1616-1624.

Poltorak - the name means "one and a half" in Polish and refers to the value of the coin one and a half grosz.

On the obverse is stamped the royal emblem under the crown, description: SIGIS 3 D G /3/ REX P M D L ---. On the reverse a royal apple with the numeral Z4 (1/24 thaler) in the middle and the end of the year on the sides, description: MONE - NO --- REG • POLO. (determination: Mgr. Ilona Matejko-Peterka, Ph.D.)